Information Strategy Planning

Information strategy planning occurs at the Corporate/Enterprise level to drive out a clear and common understanding of the “Business Information Map” of an organization that as a consequence allows one to conduct business in an integrated manner where information is accessible and shared and well understood across an organization. Anything less than this opens the door for unintended compartmentalization of business activities and silos of information with corresponding inefficiencies and inflated operating costs.

Vantix’s “BIM” solution provides a long-term context for planning business development and change and flows through to identify and enable systems application integration today and in the future. The expected outcomes of “BIM” are:

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Improved decision making in quality, input and time
  • Organizational synergy
  • Sharpened focus for customer service
  • Business agility

A common organizational business language and understanding of business objects and nomenclature.

An investment in information systems must realize a return just as any other investment is expected to do. Why take a chance on developing systems on a piecemeal basis and risk them not being compatible with one another and jeopardize the investment and effort. Take the step to do it right and ensure the big picture sets the context.