Project Management

It is extremely important that investments in Information Technology provide a measurable return in terms of added business value. Vantix Systems fully understands this principle and is committed to making it a reality. We offer services to enable organizations to achieve this through our Project Management discipline.

The biggest single contributor to not achieving a return on investment in information technology is an ineffective project management process. We see examples, sometimes catastrophic, far too often of project overruns that negate a return on investment and cause public embarrassment. Vantix utilizes the concepts and structures of project management from recognized and respected organizations, specifically the Project Management Institute and the American Management Institute and applies the rigor and discipline to ensure effective Project Management. Effective project management must bring you overall high quality, sensible risk avoidance/mitigation, on time deliverables, organizational impact control and resource training.

Do you know where your business is going, the what, where, why, when, who and how? If you don’t, what kind of journey are you going to have? In many cases this can be a frightening prospect to consider.

Organizations need to be sharp and ready to address the challenges in today’s environments of accountability and competition. Corporate flexibility, agility and clarity of purpose are essential.

Vantix Systems offers Business Leadership services to help you uncover and define these. We can facilitate the establishment and/or understanding of:

  • goals and objectives
  • strategic and tactical plans
  • appropriate measurement criteria
  • critical success factors
  • appropriate business processes
  • appropriate business tools
  • investments in technology
  • organizational and operational structures