ATMS+ Product Tour

Total Customization

ATMS+ is a completely table driven solution that can be fully customized to the unique business processes of your organization. ATMS+ is a tool that complements the way you work, rather than force you into changing your business to accommodate the new technology.

Simple Setup

Setting up a new event in ATMS+ can be completed and ready for sale within minutes. All events whether they are admissions, programs or courses are set up using the same process for maximum ease of use.

Flexible Pricing

More than ever our clients are competing for visitors everyday. Flexible pricing is a must and ATMS+ ensures that you can create as many different pricing scenarios as necessary to meet your patron’s demands and remain competitive. Pricing history is also maintained to ensure your reporting is always accurate.

Find Information Fast

The ATMS+ Calendar is full of information to let your staff know what events are selling fast and where there are still spots available. The graphical view is a quick and easy way to see what facilities have been booked and what are empty.

Quick & Efficient Selling

The ATMS+ Box Office screen was designed for peak efficiency to allow our clients to process sales quickly and efficiently while delivering superior customer interaction. Shortcut keys and an easy to read interface help your staff move the lineups through the door.

For maximum efficiency when processing admissions only, the touch screen allows your staff to process a sale in seconds so your visitors get into the facility as fast as possible.