Key Features

Box Office

  • Click for a larger version.Sell Tickets and General Admissions to individuals and/or groups.
  • Create advance bookings and send out confirmation letters Accept registrations for Programs and Courses.
  • Sell Memberships and apply ticket purchase to membership purchase.
  • Manage Rentals of facilities and equipment.
  • Use Waiting List functionality to reserve space for your customers and to determine if there is enough interest to add additional events or times.
  • Ability to edit transactions during and after the transaction has been completed with security rights.
  • Support for refunds and adjustments.
  • Accept walk-up donations.
  • Ability to see the number of seats sold/available for a specific program.
  • Differentiation between Seats and Stalls for the physically disabled.
  • Complete control over pricing Support for more than one form of payment for a single transaction.
  • Support for multiple taxes, currencies and surcharges.
  • Unlimited coupons & discounts Support for multiple coupons and discounts per sale item or sale, including tracking of coupon usage.
  • Multiple payment type support Support for price changes without affecting historical data.

Box Office Management

  • Ability to fully customize the system to the organization by adding and deleting Venues, Users, Programs, Courses, Memberships, Rental Types, etc.
  • User-defined levels of security access based on the needs of the user—front-end user to back-end system management.
  • Ability to categorize sale items—i.e. General Admission, Shows, School Presentations, Courses


  • Ability to easily add new programs and courses.
  • Identify programs for public, school or private audiences.
  • On-the-fly scheduling capabilities during sales.
  • Tools to alert the user to the potential that venues and resources may be double booked.
  • View schedule of events happening on any given day.
  • View schedule of groups expected to visit on any given day.
  • Support for block scheduling and multi-time/day events.


  • Complete Membership management tools for sales and renewals, including photo capture and card printing.
  • Membership Usage Tracking through Barcodes and Manual Entry.
  • Renewal letters and correspondence.
  • Contact Management tools.

Reserved Seating

  • Unlimited user-defined Reserved Seating layouts for all venues.
  • Best Available Seating functionality as well as editing capabilities.
  • Advanced hold and release functionality to avoid double ticketing.
  • User-friendly graphical interface.


  • Reconciliation Tool that walks the System Administrator through the reconciliation process and highlights pending transactions and data input errors that may affect the ability to balance.
  • Cashier Shift reconciliation capabilities.
  • Ability to break down transactions to specific details – by cashier, by date (or date range), by terminal, or even location if there are more than one.
  • Support for revenue distribution schemes and user-defined accounting codes linked to transactions made with the system.


  • Report Viewer Tool to simplify reporting process and make reports more effective for management and planning.
  • Ability to generate detailed statistical reports on attendance and revenue.
  • Detail is available back to the installation date for the system.
  • Monthly reports of items sold, performances, admissions, etc.
  • Ability to see all the transactions in a given day, broken down by payment—cash, check, credit card, on account.
  • Ability to generate invoices for payments made on account.
  • View past sales and bookings.
  • System Integration Capabilities
  • ATMS was designed to integrate seamlessly with credit card verification and accounting software, as well as, other complementary applications.
  • System data may be exported to Excel or other System databases.